Saturday, April 6, 2013

Confession :D

i was hoping something miracle happened to me.

which can turn me to my old me.

i hate the way i carried myself now.

and recently i have tremendous stress ever.

which i made everyone tachink with me.

include my mom :(

she didn't said she's hurt.

but i know .

coz i her daughter.


sorry mom.

i have never , never, never acting such that way before.

okay i am lying. adalah jugak. sikit sikit. tapi jiwa remaja kan kuat memberontak.

tak sanggup nak lukakan hati mak.

berdoseee tak bau syurga nanti :)

so, we are far away from our family.

which need to stand by our own feet.

and thats why i hate kinda sort of thing..

i hate to be independent.

which i used to be pampered before ( from my family ).

bukan nak cakap manja.

tapi dah jadi anak tunggal perempuan selama 15 years. come on!

adik adik lelaki i lah tempat bermanjee selama ni ihihi :*

so, sorry for every one.

didnt mean pun to hurt anyone.

cume ... when i caught in stress.

please stay awayy. and don't ask me why.

sometimes people tend to quiet. and me too.

i am acting weird. soo weird.

becoz deep in my heart, i wish someone who ever know me well come and see me.

at least text me pun dah okay actually.

haha. tapi semua. yang close dengan aku pun dah semua nak jejak pelamin.

and the restt... busy kerja.

pity to me :(

but it is okay.

at least. those thing taught me how to not rely on them.

i am nineteen. malu skitt nak bergantung kat orang lagi hahaha XD

hurm. well, need to off. 24 days to go lololo :D

and say bye to Perlissss * Perlis even freaking hot. but i felt the real situasion macam dalam novel cinta. dengan kampung, padi,angin sempoi sempoii dasyaaattt.

weeee. i am villager jugak. tp separa kampung separa bandarlah haha XD

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