Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Speaking Muet

Hello le people. Hihi .

I just can't sleep. I am not done yet with my account tutorial, but i am sooo lazy to complete them for tonite. Dunno what to do, keep playing games  Mayan Kuma in my phone and feed my Pou baby ( diee dahh gemukk sangat haha ) . And now i listening to C Crown - Far Away for more than 10 times. Goshhh. I just can't help myself from to keep my eyes on him. Kang Jun. Thanks to Nina, introduce to me with this lovely group. Seriously, i am falling now. Oh.

 Kang Jun. Haha.
C-Crown *flirting eyes*

i remembered with my old post which i had update about my speaking MUET. click here. Honestly i couldn't believe that i wrote them " Haaaa, nak buat lagi speaking". Ya Allah. Seemed like Allah SWT listen to my doa and today, i am done with my worst speaking ever. And i promise to myself, speaking today gonna be the last. I NEVER sit for MUET after this no matter how num band i got. Haha. 

i am failed during task A. Grouped with le people that i have never know who they are and never meet to each other before, made me awkward to exposed myself to them. i am not talking to much , sitted on my chair. They asked me to do practiced , yes i did. But i am not cooperated too much with them. I don't know, i just can't get well along with them. =____=

But.. i am enjoy during Task B. i talked too much as i could and i am the one start the discussion. we have good discussion eventhough that's not what we are plan before. I just love something natural like this. Not practicing a few times and organized who will talk first, and bla bla bla bla. Pleasee. Let it come out spontaneously. Haha.

now 12.47 am. Time to hit my bed. My heaven ever. Goodnite people :)

p/s : My teacher Saratha said : It is okay kalau awak x pandai Bi, boleh practice. And guys, i am practising now. Bye

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